Recipe – Roasted Chicken Breast with Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni

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I received messages from a lot of people asking recipes for the three dishes that we were taught by Chef Cristina at Top Chef Cooking Studio during our Masala Master Class last month. I got in touch with her and the really awesome team at Top Chef Studio shared the recipes with me. I will add one every day for the next three days! Enjoy and do let us know how they turn out if you make them at home 🙂

Roasted Chicken Breast with Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni

For 5 persons


5 Chicken breasts (one side with skin at least)

15 Cannelloni

60g of Butter

60g of Flour

50g of Parmesan cheese

500g of Milk

1g of Nutmeg

250g of Ricotta cheese

250g of Spinach

50g of Sun-dried tomatoes

1 Onion

Salt, pepper, olive oil, FM


Cut the sun-dried tomatoes in small dices. Cut the Parmesan cheese in small pieces. Peel and cut the onion in small dices as well.


Cook the spinach with some butter, add the onions and let them soften a little. Then add sun-dried tomatoes and the Ricotta cheese. Once mixed well together, put directly in a pipping bag and fill in each cannelloni.

Making the Béchamel sauce:

Melt butter in a sauce pan, add flour and milk. Cook on gentle heat until the sauce comes to a boil and starts getting thicker. Once thick, add nutmeg and the Parmesan cheese.

Separately, butter a dish (good to bake) then pour some of the bechamel sauce in. Dress the cannelloni nicely in the dish then pour the bechamel sauce on top and let it cook for 30-40 minutes at 180°c.

Cook the chicken breast in a pan (skin side down first) with some olive oil, until you get a gold coloration on both sides. Then reduce the heat and let them cook with an aluminium foil on top for 5 minutes each side. Put them on a chopping board and slice them thinly.

On a plate dress the cannelloni, and roasted chicken on the side. Serve it right away 🙂


Recipe provided by:

Top Chef Cooking Studio Villa 196, Jumeirah Beach Road,

P.O. Box 212085, Dubai, U.A.E.

Tel +971 4 385 5781 – Fax +971 4 385 5784

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