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Logma – Box Park

Logma is the perfect place to try Emirati food especially if it’s your first time! The restaurant has been around for a while, but I only got to try it few days ago when I went with a couple of my friends for dinner. The place tastefully done with traditional yet modern interiors. Their food menu is also extremely interesting. It took us some time to decide what to order because everything sounded (and looked) very appealing.

Anyway, we ended up trying quite a number of dishes including the Lentil Soup, Rocca Salad, Samboosa Cheese, Logma Fries, Falafel Sandwich, Tikka Sandwich, and the Logma Chicken Rice. We were five people and our order was perfect in terms of serving portions.

To be absolutely honest, everything tasted really good. The food didn’t feel too heavy (probably because there was less usage of oil) and even though it wasn’t spicy, the flavors were very powerful. It would be rather difficult for me to pick a favorite out of everything we ate because I loved everything but If I had to recommend one, it would be the Logma Chicken Rice. This dish is served with a raita sauce and is truly comfort food. The flavor of rice, the aroma, spices, the chicken – everything about it was amazing! Their Samboosa Cheese and Logma fries are some other try options as well.

Service at Logma was decent and the food quite quickly (less than ten minutes). Also, the restaurant manager was sweet to stop by and ask about everything (always a plus for me)! Here are some photos of the stuff we ate at Logma:


Lentil Soup (AED 26)


Rocca Salad (AED 32)


Khameer (AED 24)


Samboosa Cheese (AED 32)


Logma Fries (AED 28)


Tikka Khameer Sandwich (AED 42)


Logma Chicken Rice (AED 55)

Honestly folks, I can’t wait to go back! There’s so much stuff on the menu that I still want to try. The place is usually packed on weekends so maybe a reservation prior to visiting is not a bad idea 😉

Don’t think too much and definitely give this place a visit soon!

Hospitality & Service: 4/5 | Menu Selection: 4/5 | Taste & Portion Size: 4/5

Ambiance /Comfort: 4/5 | Price: 4/5 | Cleanliness: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5

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