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Guys, first review. Extremely nervous but definitely excited! I¬†promise to make these short and simple because i know you are here for a review and not a story ūüôā

Anyway, let’s begin!

Jazz@PizzaExpress is next to Movenpick Hotel in Cluster A of Jumeirah Lake Towers. You can expect to see it surprisingly occupied by families even on a normal weekday night. How we ended up here was rather an unfortunate turn of events (wanted to go for for happy hours only to realize that it was a dry night in the city) *sadface*

To be honest, our server was probably the only sad part of the night. You would assume at a casual place like this, the servers are allowed to be more friendly but our server ended up being rigid, and had quite a bit of an attitude. So most of my colleagues got quite ticked off about that and needless to say, some moods were ruined.

Anyway, coming to the fun part now, the menu is long and if you’re a fan of Italian food, this place will make you happy. There are quite a lot of options for both vegetarian and non vegetarian peeps (you can make most pizzas veg as well)!

Here are some photos of what we ate and drank last night:

FullSizeRender (5)

Doppio Dough Balls – served with three dips for AED 32

Doppio Dough Balls are little pieces of heaven. I’m not kidding as and when i say this – YOU WILL NOT STOP AT ONE. Served with three choices of dips (they offer a total of five dips), we picked olive tapenade, sun-dried tomato with walnut, and garlic butter. My favorite was the Sun-dried tomato with walnut dip because it went soooo¬†well with the dough balls and reminded me of this desi tomato chutney that my grandmother used to make. The photo i have added is of the sharing platter as it has a bigger serving. The appetizer serving is probably half of this serving portion.

FullSizeRender (8)

Giardiniera Pizza  for AED 60 (AED 8 for making it large)


FullSizeRender (9)

Arabizza Pizza (without Chicken) for AED 60

I’m a sucker for thin crust pizzas, so when these two came on the table I¬†ended up gobbling down two slices in less than five minutes (note: ten days of diet was tossed out completely). If you’re in for something hot, I would definitely recommend Arabizza because it had a nice kick to it. Even though we ordered¬†without chicken, the jalape√Īos, green peppers and olives were enough to make it taste awesome! It¬†might just be me but I¬†feel that the pizzas¬†here tasted healthy (is there such a thing?) and maybe have less oil in the crust. You probably won’t feel bad about grabbing a¬†third slice *wink*

FullSizeRender (7)

Berry Mint for AED 34 and Berry Sensation for AED 34

Honestly, the menu needs to¬†have a bigger selection of¬†mocktails. The ones we ordered were nothing special and frankly speaking, quite over priced. I wouldn’t recommend you to order these (unless you have a problem with drinking plain water).

Pizza Express itself has branches all over the city. But Jazz@PizzaExpress is different because it seems more of a casual hang out place rather than being a restaurant. We didn’t get a¬†chance to see their band perform (again, because of dry night) so we have kept it for next time (yes there will be a next time). Oh by the way,¬†Friday brunch here is for AED 229 (unlimited food and house beverages) and AED 129 (unlimited food and soft drinks).

Check it out if you¬†haven’t already and just keep your fingers crossed for friendly server ūüėČ

Hospitality & Service: 3/5 | Menu Selection: 3/5 | Taste & Portion Size: 4/5

Ambiance /Comfort: 3.5/5 | Price: 3.5/5 | Cleanliness: 4/5

Overall rating: 3.5/5


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