Pending Meal


Pending Meal is a Dubai based social media community initiative that I started with friends and colleagues few years back. The main aim is to encourage people to provide meals to those who are less fortunate. I strongly believe that food is the most basic necessity of every living being regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion. And with those who are blessed with enough, should do their little bit to help those who do not have enough.

After an overwhelming response on social media, people helped give out over 4,000 meals in the first year alone! Tons of restaurants across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi in U.A.E helped and supported the initiative providing great encouragement. Pending Meal also received contribution stories from countries including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Canada. 

It is truly amazing to see what we are capable of as and when we all work together! 🙂

If  you have any story to share, or if you need any information, please visit