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Magnolia Spa – Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is known as one of the top spa destinations in the world and rightly so. If you go on to TripAdvisor and start going through their list of spas, you’ll see how it’s almost endless! And because there are so many spas on the island, it can be a bit tricky to find a place which is a combination of both, luxury and affordability. In my opinion, carrying out thorough research before traveling is always a good idea as most of these places are overbooked from the get-go (especially during the peak season).

Anyway, TripAdvisor was our savior and we were not disappointed with our pick! We settled on Magnolia Spa (which as per their website) and Thomas Cook Travels, is among the 21 best new spas in the world. We went on to see what variety it offers and the list just goes on and on. They have a huge selection of treatments and it became difficult to select just one, but after a serious 20 minute discussion, we booked their most popular package – the ‘Total Thai Treatment’. The cost was TBH 1950 (AED 205) and included a 60 minute Thai herbal body scrub and a 60 minute relaxing oil body massage. Our package also included a pick up and drop off, so honestly, we were quite impressed.

Once we entered the spa, the friendly staff welcomed us with a drink and gave us three oil scents to choose from. These included Jasmin, Lavender and Coconut (my friend and I both picked coconut). The same would then be used as our body scrub and relaxing oil scents.


The massage room itself was pleasantly decorated and you will instantly feel the tranquility inside the room. Our therapists were extremely friendly and made sure we were comfortable the moment we walked into the room! Once the treatment started, within a few minutes I could feel myself going far away from rest of the world. If you’ve never had a Thai massage before, this is guaranteed to be a very unique experience! Don’t be surprised as and when the therapist will bend you, roll you over, stretch you out, and step on you. It’s all part of the experience and you’ll feel AWESOME at the end!!


After our session ended, we were guided back to the seating area and served ginger tea and home made sesame chocolate chip cookies (we loved these so much we bought some from them as well!). There’s a Magnolia Cafe right next to the spa and they serve some really good food too (their cheesecakes are quite popular).


Magnolia Spa is ideal for those who want to leave all the extra spa perks behind and just get to the point. The service was good, therapists were professional yet friendly, the pricing was great and overall it was a wonderful experience. I definitely recommend this spa if you ever visit Koh Samui.

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Photo Credit: All photos in this blog are from TripAdvisor.

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