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Din Tai Fung – Mall Of The Emirates

The most comforting and enjoyable meal-of-the-month award goes to Din Tai Fung at Mall of The Emirates! 😀

So where do I begin? A lot of people had recommended this place but it was a snapchat story from my sister day before that really made me put my hands up! I was drooling by the time her seven stories got over! She had been telling me to try DTF for a while but somehow I had not gotten a chance. Finally, last night it happened and man are we glad that we ate here!!

Din Tai Fung is right next to VOX Cinemas at MoE so definitely it is very easy to locate in the mall. An important suggestion though is that you should plan your visit accordingly because there will always be a line of people waiting (be it weekday or a weekend)! We had to wait for more than an hour as they had informed us that they were not taking any reservations but the wait was totally worth it in the end!

The restaurant is from Taiwan and the Asian cuisine is a mix of Chinese and Taiwanese. Servers and chefs have been brought in from Taiwan as well (they’ve worked at Din Tai Fung in Taiwan). All of them are super friendly, extremely helpful and courteous. Our server ViVi was such a sweetheart (Hi ViVi 🙂 ). She recommended food as per popularity and taste (we canceled two of our orders and added two recommendations thanks to her). While we were waiting for our food, Vivi showed us how the chefs were being trained to make Xiaolongbao. It was so cool to see them work because you could literally see all the hard work that was being put into making the dumplings (18 folds on each dumpling btw which is not easy at all!) Here’s a photo of them getting trained inside the kitchen:


Anyway, here is what we ordered last night -> Chicken Chow Mein, Szechuan Chicken & Vegetable Wontons, Chili Crispy Chicken, Chicken Xiaolongbao along with Lemon Iced Tea and Lemon Mint Tea. Everything was served to us within fifteen minutes and we were mighty impressed with the efficiency 🙂


Chicken Chow Mein (AED 32)

Chicken Chow Mein was extremely delicious! It is the kind of food that will make you smile after the first bite – seriously! They don’t taste like your normal noodles, they aren’t dry at all and there’s no chili sauce required either because there’s so much flavor in the Chow Mein itself. It’s a mix of cabbage, green onions, thin strips of chicken and shiitake mushrooms *thumbs up*…


Szechuan Vegetable and Chicken Wontons (AED 24)

OMG the spicy Szechuan sauce was AHHMAZING!!You need to eat these Wontons while they are hot because come on, they should not be left to get cold. The filling consisted of chicken and vegetables – the dough was extremely soft and these are probably the best Wontons I’ve ever had. If you’ve got leftover Szechuan sauce, no worries! I can recommend you to add it over the Chicken Chow Mein – equally good!


Crispy Chicken – true to its name. This was quite crispy and  hot. I loved the coriander/cilantro on it – clearly enhanced the flavors for me. We had this with the Chow Mein (I’m a big fan of dry red chillis btw). Anyway, point being you guys have to try it!!! You can even replace Chicken and order the Chili Crispy Beef which is equally (if not more) popular!


Chicken Xiaolongbao (AED 22) – 6 pieces

Saving the best for last! Xiaolongbao are traditional steamed dumplings filled with soup and minced meat but don’t confuse them with your normal American or British style dumplings! We didn’t have this in our order first but ViVi became extremely surprised and told us it is the most ordered and probably their best seller. I’m glad that we trusted her opinion because these were oh-so-awesome! The order comes with 6 pieces – each perfectly made with 18 folds!!!! Dip it with thinly sliced ginger in a soya and vinegar sauce that your server will make for you because this really helps in enhancing the flavor. It’ll be like a party in your mouth guys but just be careful as as and when served, they are extremely hot!!

Depending on your appetite, you can easily order 4-5 things at DFT. If you’ve got time today – head over and try because I can bet and promise, you will not be disappointed!! I am going to go back and try other stuff on their menu for sure! 🙂

Hospitality & Service: 4.5/5 | Menu Selection: 4.5/5 | Taste & Portion Size: 4.5/5

Ambiance /Comfort: 4.5/5 | Price: 4.5/5 | Cleanliness: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 4.5/5

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